Sellers, here’s how buyers find homes

When you’re setting out to sell your home, it’s valuable for your agent to design an effective property-marketing campaign. In order to start doing that, he or she should engage in analysis of how buyers typically find the homes they buy. Paragon has created an article on that very topic.

First off, it’s important to know what your agent is seeking: a multiple-offer scenario where motivated buyers are competing with one another in order to buy your home. In this ideal situation, the highest possible sales price is generated.

If you look at the chart that accompanies this article, it becomes pretty clear that both effort and expense needs to go into four things: comprehensive online marketing with premier placement on the major real estate websites and a gorgeous, dedicated property-showcase; broker-to-broker marketing efforts since a large percentage of buyers are still steered to listings and deeply influenced by their agents; open-house ads and presentation materials; special efforts to reach the neighbors. This last one often includes a direct-mail campaign of “just-listed” announcements.

That’s not all, though. You’re also going to have to put down cash in order to prepare the house not only to show well in person, but also in pictures, since most buyers and agents will first see and juge the house through its photographs. You’ll also want to invest in pre-marketing inspection reports, and to give thought to the buyer profile for your home. Who will find it most appealing, and who is likely to pay the highest amount of money for it? This will help dictate your home preparation and marketing campaign, targeting to maximum effect.

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