SF.curbed Puts SF Home Goods & Design Shops on Digital Map

Ah, the joy of shopping for new home goods or furniture in San Francisco. This is a city to really get into the world of maximalism or euro-chic or traditional Victorian for your home or apartment makeover. Or maybe you’re looking for a fresh home design. What to do to find a great shop? Of course. Go to sf.curbed.com’s interactive online map to click on one of 36 pins to quickly explore in your home while dreaming about redoing your home.

The map provides on the right side an actual map of SF that is zoomable and populated with 36 numbered pins that depict just where all these shops are in the city. From over in the Sunset, down to Hunters Point and up to North Beach and a whole bunch bunched up in north, east and central SF.

Click on the pin and you’re zoomed down the left side of the map page to a picture of the shop and an informative, witty blurb on the shop and its address, and a visit website button. Or just use the left column that’s number 1 to 36 to scroll down and see what catches your fancy.

Click here to see the map.

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