SFAR’s Homeownership Voting Guide For The Election On March 3, 2020

As part of the Consolidated Presidential Primary Election of March 3, 2020, San Francisco voters will have the opportunity to weigh in on local ballot measures, Superior Court Judges, and Democratic County Central Committee candidates.

Below are ballot measure recommendations and the slate the San Francisco Association of REALTORS® endorses on the basis of support for homeownership.

We encourage you to share this guide to all of your networks across San Francisco, even if you are not a registered voter in San Francisco. It is to our benefit in the real estate industry to have as many pro-homeownership elected officials and legislative measures in place as possible.

Additionally, the deadline to register to vote in San Francisco is tomorrow–Tuesday, February 18, 2020. Find out more information here.


Proposition A – City College Job Training, Repair and Earthquake Safety Measure: NEUTRAL
General obligation bond that would raise $845 million for City College to make capital improvements and repairs on buildings, including for seismic safety. The bond WOULD increase property taxes by $11 per $100,000 of assessed value.

Proposition B – San Francisco Earthquake Safety and Emergency Response Bond: YES
General obligation bond that would raise $628.5 million for improvements and construction to the emergency firefighting water system, fire and police stations, a firefighting training campus, the 911 call center, and disaster response facilities. The bond would NOT increase property taxes.

Proposition C – Retiree Health Care Benefits for Former Employees of the San Francisco Housing Authority: NO POSITION – NOT REAL ESTATE RELATED
That ballot measure that would make City employees who previously worked for the SF Housing Authority eligible for retiree health coverage.

Proposition D – Storefront Vacancy Tax: NEUTRAL
Ballot measure that would tax property owners or small business leaseholders whose storefronts have been vacant for 6 months or more of the year (consecutive or nonconsecutive). The tax would begin in 2021, starting at $250 per linear foot and increasing to $1000 per linear foot by 2023. The tax applies to storefronts who are adjacent to a public right-of-way and are located within a Neighborhood Commercial or Neighborhood Commercial Transit District.

Proposition E – Limits on Office Development: NO
If San Francisco fails to meet its affordable housing goals every year, this proposition would reduce the amount of office space the City is allowed to build. Office development helps fund affordable housing construction, thus the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development estimates that Prop E would cut $600-900 million from affordable housing funding. The City Economist estimates Prop E would cut the City’s GDP by 8.5% and increase unemployment by 5%.



Superior Court judges are elected by voters of the county on a non-partisan ballot at a general election. The term of office for a trial judge in California is 6 years. Superior Court Judges preside over all civil, criminal, and small claims cases.

Seat 1
Pang Ly
Commissioner Pro Tem – San Francisco Superior Court

Seat 18
Dorothy Chou Proudfoot
Administrative Law Judge – SF Rent Board

Seat 21
Kulvindar “Rani” Singh
Managing Attorney – SF District Attorney’s Office


Every four years, each political party elects its County Central Committee, the governing body of the political party for that county. The Democratic County Central Committee forms the leadership of the San Francisco Democratic Party and has tremendous influence over San Francisco politics.

If you live in Assembly District 17 (Eastside of San Francisco), vote for all these 12 candidates:

Kristen Asato-Webb
Environmental Non-Profit Manager

Nima Rahimi
Transportation Policy Attorney

Mike Chen
Data Engineer

Austin Hunter
Non-Profit Policy Analyst

Tyra Fennell
Director, Arts Non-Profit

Victor Olivieri

Mick Del Rosario
Public Health Manager

Carole Migden
Grassroots Educator

Bivett Brackett

Tami Bryant
Youth Employment Coordinator

Steven Buss
Housing Data Analyst

Nancy Tung
Deputy District Attorney

If you live in Assembly District 19 (Westside of San Francisco), please vote for all these 10 candidates:

Kathleen Anderson
Small Business Owner

Nadia Rahman
Digital Communications Strategist

Cyn Wang
Small Business Owner

Suzy Loftus

Jane Natoli
Financial Crime Investigator

Ahsha Safai
Supervisor, City and County of San Francisco

Seeyew Mo
Civic Tech Entrepreneur

Paul Miyamoto
Sheriff Elect

Mary Jung

Mawuli Tugbenyoh
Chief of Policy

Questions? Contact Jay Cheng, SFAR’s Government Affairs and Community Relations Deputy Director, at jay@sfrealtors.com.


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