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And We Have Lift Off. . .

I’ve already talked about the turn in the market so far this year. It’s a challenge to deliver charts to demonstrate the change without full data for January, but I can give you some raw numbers:

  • 121 pending listings this month versus 84 pending last month.
Wanna make buying a home easy and fun?

Sorry, I can’t guarantee that for you. But we can work with to make it as painless as possible. Here are some “do’s and “don’t” to get us smoothly launched on your way to your new home:

DO Get Preapproved. The best way I can assess how committed to the process you are is by seeing how quickly you get fully pre-approved for a loan. This step will also “concretize” the numbers as it helps you understand what your monthly “nut” will be.

DO The FootworkI. In San Francisco this often means going to to open houses almost every weekend. The good news with this strategy is that you can knock out pretty much everything that might work work for you in the first couple of weeks. If you haven’t found “the one” by then, you’ll only need to go see the new inventory on weekends or evening open houses.

If you don’t want to do the open house circuit, I actually love putting buyers in my car for a property tour. It’s just that they often prefer to control the pace with breaks for food or coffee.

DON’T let the perfect be the enemy of the good. I will find you something that you will love but nine times out of ten it’s not going to look like what you envisioned at the start.

DON’T let your reach exceed your grasp. Even after I shake loose your notion of finding your penultimate Dream Home, you may still believe you can buy above your price range by negotiating a seller down. It almost never works that way for three reasons:

a. The home beyond reach goes for multiple offers

b. The seller rejects your offer and subsequently sells it to a buyer who pays the price they want

c. The agent and seller have done an amazing job on making it look fabulous, but inspection reports reveal major problems like crumbling foundation, leaky pipes or rotting back stairs. (Behind your back, many of us refer to this kind of home as “lipstick on a pig”.)

DO Be Patient. HGTV will make you think you only need to look at three homes before finding that just right one. You’re gonna need more time than that, especially If you have to go through the denial/negotiation phase outlined above before settling on an acceptance of what is possible.

I know some of these tips make me seem like a Debbie Downer- but I swear to you that every single one of my buyers has turned to me at the end of the process and told me they wound up with the “just right” home and have no regrets.


Home is where my habits have habitat―

Fiona Apple

Homes are where we set the pattern of our days. When I lived on Grove Street in NOPA I loved to read in bed on sunny afternoons with a view of Buena Vista Hill. These days, I often take a moment in our back yard just before I go to bed. We have a Daphne bush out there that smells intoxicating during warmer weather.

When I show homes to people, I can see them thinking about their own habits. They can picture leaving through the front door to take the dog for a walk or stepping out back to enjoy a morning cup of coffee. They even imagine doing a grocery run or going to a yoga class nearby.

I also like to ask Sellers about their habitat habits. When I ask the right questions, I not only hear about their favorite spot for lunch, but also learn how a moon sits in a child’s window, and what pizza nights are like in front of the television. Learning these things get me connected to their house and can also inspire some creative marketing.

I’m honored to represent someone in the sale or purchase of a home– but I also honor the spaces they live in. Home is sacred to me. If you feel the same way and are ready to sell or buy, we should probably meet.

Have a great Sunday, and Go Niners!

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