SF’s Cool Urban Park On Top of New Transit Center Hot Real Estate

San Francisco has got a new urban park – 5.4 acres of trees, shrubs, flowers, grass, walkways and waterways on top of a roof five stories up. That’s a pretty big and a very cool rooftop sitting pretty on the new transit center hub in the city, dubbed Salesforce Transit Center. The park has a kind of clunky name in Salesforce Park, but that’s branding and city business fusing together.

The park is now open, so visitors are welcome.

The name does not diminish the actual environmental, panoramic climax of being up in the park, walking around and giving a good gander over its edges. It’s amazing really, and worth getting over by foot, bike, bus or car. Designed by PWP Landscape Architecture, the park features 13 gardens, a great lawn with trees that are not just saplings but full grown, tables and chairs that can be moved around, and an 800-seat amphitheater that will be very special for outdoor concerts and performances. There’s a half-mile walking or jogging trail. And, no surprise, a restaurant will be coming soon to a park perch. Good eats in sky high greenery. A raft of events are already being planned.

$2 billion more in real estate value from the rooftop park’s presence has been sucked up by the 33 adjacent properties.

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