SF’s Smallest Lilliputian House For Sale Last Spring

Last spring the smallest house in the largest hearted city—San Francisco—was up for sale. Weighing in at 363 square feet (a little bigger than a really tiny micro apartment) this charming house on 14th Street in the Mission District was asking $495,000. That mathematically works out to nearly $1,400 per square foot. Nothing modest about that, and there’s nothing modest about this home that was turned into a didactic artist’s nest by the former owner who’s a poet and teacher. And it actually is a really inspiring space to write poetry or a novel. There are even custom bookshelves built in. And wood floors give it that typewriter or writing pad ambiance.

This is dubbed a “mini house,” and the real estate marketer notes that first there was the Mini Cooper (a while ago, that one), then mini bars on Divisadero and a mini mansion in the Mission’s heartland. And now, voila, the mini house—which is listed as a free-standing studio cottage with a common garden.

The house inspires the simple life with its clean, well geometry-fied layout and the fact that you can’t cram several tons of stuff in it. One Paragon Real Estate agent noted, “When people get a look at this property, they start dreaming about getting rid of all of their trappings and living the simple life.”

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