Should I resurface my cabinets?

Are your kitchen cabinets showing signs of wear and tear? If so, refacing may be the answer. According to Houzz, the first step is to figure out whether your cabinets are fit to take the restoration process well enough to be renewed for at least a decade.

How to determine this? If your cabinet body is in poor shape or water-damaged, you may ultimately have to replace them via a full kitchen remodel.

But if you do decide to reface, you’ll basically be leaving the cabinet intact and in place, which circumvents the cost of replacement. Color is also a consideration here. Think about what complements your floors and the room in general.

Now, is this a project you should take on? Given sturdy frames on your cabinets, it can be a good idea. You, of course, decide to what degree you will take the refurbishment. You can try painting or restaining them, or go a little further by replacing the doors and drawer fronts. Another option is to replace the hardware, pulls and knobs. It’s up to you.

This is a good winter project. Start planning now!

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