Sold: 1490 Francisco Street #3

Sold for $1,175,000

This was the third place I showed my client Rachel, and I didn’t expect her to love it. The main reason was that there was no outdoor space for her dog, Luna. The dog park at Fort Mason was just a block away though, which I figured might offset that drawback.

Before she saw this one we looked at two other places: The first was a cute-as-a-button Victorian on Greenwich Street in Cow Hollow. There was a perfect little deck off the kitchen/living area for Luna, but then we noticed that there was hardly any closet space and the bedroom was too narrow to accommodate tables and lamps on both sides of the bed.

We moved on to look at homes in the Marina. Our first stop was on Rico, a hidden one-block street that nearly abuts the Marina Green. This TIC home was a definite fixer. Its most distracting feature was a refrigerator in the dining room that couldn’t fit into the kitchen. But the Spanish Mediterranean architecture had a glamorous Ava Gardner vibe and you could see how small modifications to the floor plan (along with buckets of paint) could revive the home to its former glory. Rachel’s mom Barbara was all over the idea of remodeling it, but Rachel vetoed the plan because of the time and work involved.

Then we hit upon Francisco Street, which didn’t need any work at all. After the dark walls and weird kitchen at Rico, everything about it felt light and bright with sunshine pouring in through west-facing windows. The staging and design choices also enhanced the home’s best features with lots of creamy white and sand colors.

Rachel was ready to move quickly so we connected her with a great lender who specializes in TIC loans. (Shout out to Sam Clonmell from Bank of San Francisco). It also helped having a seasoned, smart listing agent on the other side who understood our position on the price. (Shout out to Paul Warrin of Sothebys). Rachel loved the home but was also shrewd enough to know at what poinat she would have to walk away.

Rachel says this is a home she can grow into and she plans to stay there for many years. This makes me feel good. I like it when my buyers don’t become sellers because it means I’ve done a good job.

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