Spring maintenance: Make the most of your home’s exterior this season

It’s one of the best times of year: spring. Plants are blossoming, allergies are awakening, and it’s just generally a great time to be alive. It’s up to you to make sure your house feels the same way, so here’s some tips from HGTV’s “Slacker’s Guide to Spring Home Maintenance”.

First off, it’s time to clean those gutters. Check them for foliage buildup and be certain that your downspout is clean and pointing two to two and one-half feet away from foundation walls. You also need to be good about maintaining your roof – after it rains, inspect your ceiling to see if you can find any wet spots. If you find buckling, curling or crackling, it’s time for replacement.

Along your home’s exterior, look for chipped or cracked paint. Leaving exposed wood can lead to rot, so be sure to scrape off the failing paint, sand it down, prime it and paint it. Trim hedges and overgrown trees to prevent moisture and mildew, and be sure to get rid of out-of-control vines – they can crack your siding and let unwanted pests into your home.

Finally, love your lawn. Rake excess leaves, pull up weeds and remove extra foliage. Appearances do count.

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