Stunning Video Showing San Francisco Skyline Over Past 128 Years

Very nice CGI graphics tricks enable us to have a view no San Franciscans have experienced before: the time lapse (and rotating) unfolding of tall buildings being erected through computer animation in our city from 1890 up to year 2016. That is 128 years of skyscraper growth in the Financial District, Market Street area and in SoMa.

The video was produced by Commercial Café, a national website for commercial real estate listings, and can be seen on YouTube. See the link below.

The tallest building now in SF is the Salesforce Tower at 1,070 feet, part of the 3 million square feet of office space that’s opened up over the past year.

Over the next five years there are a number of projects slated to appear on our skyline, including the Park Tower, the Oceanwide Center and the Transbay Block 8.

Click here for story and video.

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