Tech company Pillow expands to offer more rentals in surrounding areas

Home rentals are hot, and just one short year after their launch Pillow is expanding into Southern California. Pillow is a tech-driven company and currently the U.S.’s largest urban vacation rental manager. They developed a communal market for people looking to rent out their homes. Their system simplifies the process for all parties involved in the home rental.

Currently, Pillow only manages rentals in California and Washington State with areas in and around the cities, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Seattle. New cities include Universal City and North Hollywood; Hermosa, Manhattan, and Redondo Beaches; Long Beach, Newport, and Irvine; and Palm Springs. The goal is to have this expansion completed by the beginning of November.

How does Pillow differ from Airbnb? Pillow ensures the home renters that the process will be simple. All potential renters will be screened before booking the home. All reviews through the booking channel will be taken into consideration. If a person does not have enough reviews the company will interview the person to check if they would be a good fit for the home they are looking to rent.

“We’re bringing the predictability and consistency of the hotel world to the unique and heart-felt individuality of home-rentals,” said Pillow CEO Sean Conway. “We’re here to make vacation home rental hassle-free and profitable for every homeowner.”

Pillow handles all rental bookings, key transfers, and cleaning and maintenance of the property all while maintaining communication with both parties involved. For people considering opening their property up for rentals, this company makes the process as simple as possible. If something is not left how the homeowners left it, Pillow urges them to reach out to the company and they will fix any problems. Pillow still recommends renters to have a Homesharing Liability Insurance.

The market expansion is accompanied by increased growth within the company and the availability of new services. Pillow recently introduced a free appraisal service – the first of its kind in the industry, which allows any homeowner to see an estimate of how much rental income they can expect from their vacation home. Pillow’s proprietary algorithm, which factors in 85 different criteria including location, number of bedrooms, and amenities, is able to accurately predict both occupancy and monthly rental income. The market expansion is sizable, expecting to open in 10 U.S. cities within the next year. For more information be sure to visit Pillow and find out how to get started.

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