The Best How-To’s for Kitchen Staging

Staging a home for sale is like producing a play: tons of smart psychology, attention to detail and hard work. The kitchen, naturally, is a critical focus point for staging as everybody really wants a cool, life-enhancing cooking and gathering area.

Here’s the best approach:

  1. Put everything away so the counters are clear, clear, clear. Including all the little appliances and knife blocks and convenience knick knacks. And, of course, clear the top of the fridge. Everybody looks there. Clear off all the little paper stuff and magnets. Add in a bowl with color pops, like green apples or lemons.
  2. Every surface is cleaned and scrubbed to pristine condition. Includes grout, faucets, drain, cabinet fronts, stovetops.
  3. Light it up with bountiful natural lighting (as much as is available). Install under-cabinet lights by purchasing battery powered lights cheaply and sticking them under the cabinets. Make window treatments minimal for more natural light which makes the kitchen seem bigger.
  4. Organize the pantry and fridge so they look beautifully inviting, appropriately homey. People looking will imagine their stuff in those spaces. Maybe add in some cookbooks and clear glass storage containers with grain or spice goods in them.
  5. Setting the scene: many experts advise presenting a scene of daily life with a table setting of colorful plates and napkins. One stager suggests a countertop planter with blooming flowers alongside a pitcher of orange juice and rolled up newspaper to give that nice daily used feel.
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