The Best SF Restaurant World According to Yelp

Help Yelp we say when we want to read reviews by actual customers (we can pretty much count on) for everything from painters to restaurants. Some people love em, and some people hate em, but they’re part of the zeitgeist—including here in San Francisco. Recently Yelp did some deep data mining (sort of deep) in the SF Bay Area to determine which restaurants are considered the 25 best in the area according to 1-5 star reviews and the number of published reviews posted to the restaurant. The popular eateries popped up all over the Bay Area.

Not surprisingly, SF came in with the most most-popular Yelp-reviewed restaurants.

Here is the SF list in ascending ranking order, and includes their star count and the number of reviewers.

16. Stones Throw star: 4.5 680
13. Seven Hills 4.5 692
12. Prubechu 4.5 203
11. Californios 4.5 165
9. Kokkari Estiatorio 4.5 3,674
8. Lardoise Bistro 4.5 1,046
7. Liholiho Yacht Club 4.5 1,081
5. Gary Danko 4.5 4,558
4. Kusakabe 4.5 527
3. Casa Flores 5 51
2. Bimini Twist 5 50
1. Ichido 5 62

Here’s the full article here.

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