The Comforts of Home

Home is where we set the pattern of our days. The best ones create lovely habits. When I lived on Grove Street in NOPA, I adored reading in bed where I enjoyed a view of Buena Vista Hill. In my current home, I often sit outside at night in back. Right now, we have a Daphne bush in full bloom. It is intoxicating. 

When I show homes to people, I can see them thinking about their own habits. They picture morning coffee in the kitchen, stepping out of the shower and even consider their daily streetscape when they walk out the front door at the end of a showing. 

I like to ask my Sellers about their own habits at home. With the right questions, I not only hear about their favorite spot for morning coffee, but also learn how a moon sits in a child’s window, where the dog likes to sun and sleep, and what pizza nights are like in front of the television.

I always say I’m honored to represent someone in the sale or purchase of a home– but I also honor the spaces they live in. Home is sacred to me. If you feel the same way and are ready to sell or buy, perhaps we should meet. I’ll hope to hear from you! 

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