The Most Expensive Construction Projects in SF Now

San Francisco’s pretty skyline—even with fog moistly rolling in—is being remolded as we speak, so to speak. There are cranes all over the place, and a few big-ticket projects have come online, like the now tallest building in SF—the 61-story Salesforce Tower officially opening last month. There’s the new mega-hub, 5-story mass transit center, and the Park Tower on 250 Howard Street with its footprint of 750,000 square feet, and its price tag of $690 million. has put together a nice little slide show on the most expensive construction projects being built in SF now. See link below.

Now, Park Tower is not nearly the most expensive. That honor belongs to the Oceanwide Center at 88 First St. It has a King Kong footprint of 1.35 million square feet of office space, residential units and a hotel. The price: a mere $1.6 billion.

Other notables are the new Terminal 1 Center at the San Francisco Airport, with a cost of $1.2 billion paying for 860,288 square feet.

Check out the slides and project descriptions here.

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