The next frontier for the internet: household devices

There is such a concept as the Internet of Things – just ask the Silicon Valley Business Journal. Reporter Jon Xavier asserts that Silicon Valley’s next big market consists of making the items in your home more connected to the internet – and backs it up with a pair of tales about both Apple and Google.

“The first bit of news,” Xavier writes, “was that Apple is set to announce its own foray into the Internet of Things, coming up with hardware and software that will enable users to connect to their appliances to their smartphones. Then news broke that Google has considered buying connected camera startup Dropcam as a potential security feature in its suite of smart home products, which started with the Nest smart-thermostat.”

Well, what can be said about this?

Apple’s on this. Having announced its new product line at the Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this month, it will then roll it out with support from a select list of appliance makers. Xavier predicts that these will include manufacturers of items such as thermostats and door locks.

Let’s talk more about this tomorrow.

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