The Panoramic bringing micro-housing to market

Less is more – in life as well as in housing, particularly in a space-constrained place such as San Francisco. Enter The Panoramic, a 160-unit micro-housing condo complex that I hope to see come to market this year. The project features a host of cool amenities, including a lobby lounge on each floor, a roof deck with sustainable landscaping and an entertainment area and a spacious lobby/common area with comfy furnishings, a fireplace and a lounge/study area as well as an on-site City CarShare.

Step inside and you’ll find cannily used spaces that maximize what’s there and put elements such as beds to double-duty use. (In the case of the beds, they are also used as tables.) There are many ways to do this in a micro-housing setting. Check out HomeEdit’s examples, which include hidden rain gutters integrated into roofs and a sleeping area accessed by a ladder against a wall.

The Panoramic’s façade incorporates an extruded aluminum sculpture with spinning leaves created by artist Ken Kalman. An aluminum awning wraps around the building’s base, echoing the material of the sculpture. Neat, huh?

I found the press articles very interesting. For example, the article “Web Extra: Small Spaces” notes that the average size of the American home has expanded from 983 square feet in 1950 to a relatively whopping 2400 square feet today. In contrast, the British have an average of 818 square feet and a paltry 484 square feet in Hong Kong.

“For architects, the challenge is to create layouts that are efficient and livable, as they have in short-term accommodations,” the article reads. “San Francisco – where technology has created a new Gold Rush, and 42 percent of the population is single – provides an ideal laboratory for living small.”

What do you think?

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