The Really Highs and Really Lows in SF Home Sales Last Week

Coming in as the highest (very high) priced home sale last week—according to’s High and the Low report for last week—is a brown wood shingled, apple-red-doored beauty at 37 Presidio Avenue. The two story plus garage and top attic story was built in 1903, sits as a near gatekeeper at the prestigious mouth of Presidio and went last week for $200,000 over asking for $7.6 million. Those millions bought 7 bedrooms and 6 baths and a host of other rooms spread across about 5,600 square feet. The house was recently put through a make over and the rooms are truly gorgeous, with a mix of classic and contemporary. Last time 37 sold was in 2009 for $5.2 million.

Spinning round the price pointer to the low end of the compass (not counting BMR sales) we’re looking at a very small condo measuring in at 400 square feet in Noe Valley. It was listed for a whopping one day before going for $460,000. So, come and gone. The second lowest sale was a Daniel Burnham Court studio in the Tenderloin (western side of Van Ness Avenue) that fetched $610,000. The studio weighs in at 568 feet with some oddly placed partitions that divvy up the studio space in the various living areas. A cozy little urban contemporary cabin, all in all.

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