Thinking Small: Large Benefits of 1,000 Square Foot Homes

Most people don’t equate the old adage “less is more” to homes. Nationally, the average new home built  is 2,657 square feet. But to a rapidly growing pool of home seekers and homeowners a smaller footprint in house square footage is desirable, comfortable, energy efficient, homey and trés cool. The tiny house movement has spawned a cottage industry of truly Lilliputian residences that measure a modest 500 square feet or shrinking-walls less. This includes traditional home styles to condos to apartments to buy.

A new sweet spot for people looking for tiny but not too tiny is 1,000 square feet, less than half of what the average new home is. That is downsizing, but a comfortable downsizing—and many homeowners see that as an enjoyable advantage and step forward in the quality of their lives.

Here’s a savory list of the 1,000 square foot home benefits:

  1. More affordable. The savings per month can be very good to really good.
  2. Utilities and other expenses savings. Utilities can be $200 a month less, while insurance, taxes, HOA fees and condo maintenance fees are dramatically reduced.
  3. Be in the hot neighborhoods. Many 1,000 foot homes are in the most desirable city neighborhoods so you’re right where you want to live.
  4. Repairs and maintenance less daunting. 1/3 the space to repair, etc.
  5. House cleaning is easier and faster and more thorough.
  6. Remodeling is less costly—less space to remodel, more money to spend on superior décor elements.
  7. Homey and cozy are the watchwords. Many people downsize to achieve a true homey feel where everything is cozily amalgamated.
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