This Weekend: “Home Alone” with the SF Symphony

Macaulay Culkin would be impressed: the San Francisco Symphony is going to be performing the soundtrack to his smash film “Home Alone” live tonight at 7:30 p.m. In case you were living under a rock when the film came out in 1990, this John Hughes-directed movie featured young Culkin as Kevin McAllister, an eight-year-old kid was mistakenly left behind when his family flew to Paris for their Christmas vacation.

And chaos ensued! At first, Kevin was thrilled to be home alone, but then two bumbling burglars (Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci) came on the scene and put his survival skills to the test. Kevin rallies, though, rigging the house with booby traps and eventually the duo is arrested – as they deserve!

In addition to the movie and the music, live and local children’s choruses will be making an appearance to sing the carols that are featured in the film. Director Chris Columbus will also be on hand to introduce the film. Columbus, a renowned filmmaker, is well known to worldwide audiences for his work on movies such as “Harry Potter and the Sourcerer’s Stone”, “Mrs. Doubtfire” and “The Goonies”. In addition, Columbus recently was the recipient of an Academy Award for his production work on “The Help”.

You can buy tickets here. They are half price for audience members aged 17 and under. Sarah Hicks will be conducting, while the Ragazzi Boys Chorus, San Francisco Boys Chorus and San Francisco Girls Chorus will be performing along with the symphony members.

Enjoy this new holiday tradition!

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