This Weekend: Wu-Tang Clan

Can you believe that the Wu-Tang Clan has been in the business for more than two decades? It’s true – and they’re bringing that funk and expertise to The Warfield on Saturday, Sept. 27 at 8 p.m. Tickets range between $50 and $67 and can be purchased here.

Wu-Tang came onto the scene in 1993, when the Staten Island, New York band hit the hip-hop world and turned the standard concept of a hip-hop crew on its side. That was only in part because of its musical sensibilities and also in part because of how it was structured – as a loose congregation of nine MCs, forming a bit of a de facto support group. They worked to take over the record industry as profitably as possible, establishing the band as a force with its debut album and then spinning off into as many side projects as they could.

All nine members work under various psudonyms. These include Prince Raheem, Chief Abbot and Bobby Steels as well as Joe Bannanas, Dirt Dog and Method Man Rolling Stone has hailed the group as the best rap group ever, while NME said in 2004 that it was one of the most influential groups in the last decade.

The group often performs with acts such as Killa Beez, Easy Mo Bee, Pete Rock, Nas, Mobb Deep, Method Man and Redman and Busta Rhymes. Producer/rapper Kanye West has built his career on influences from the Wu-Tang Clan as well.

The Warfield is located at 982 Market Street in San Francisco. For more information, call (415) 345-0900 or visit the theater’s website.

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