Top Dog Breeds in the City of Dogs: San Francisco

There are 120,000 dogs in San Francisco and 108,000 to 113,000 children—according to official government tallies. So, obviously there are more dogs than kids in our fair and dog-loving city. And if you are looking at breeds, well, there’s probably a dog rep of every breed in the world.

What are the top ten breeds in SF? According to, here’s the pooches we love most:

1. Mystery Mutt: the great mixed breed from rescue shelters is #1.
2. French Bulldog, the bug-eyed, Yoda-eared guys and gals we see all the time.
3. Boston Terrier—might as well call it the San Francisco Terrier
4. Okay, naturally, the great big Chihuahua for the SF tiny apartments.
5. Golden oldie, the Golden Retriever is a big fav prancing around the city.
6. Goldendoodle: spot them all the time with their curly, goofy cuteness.
7. Oh yeah, of course, the Labrador Retriever in all color flavors.
8. Cool: the Pug, and we all love a very handsomely ugly face.
9. Cattle Dog: they love herding us, the people.
10. The smart guys: Border Collie, and they know SF like the back of their paw.

Enjoy our city’s dog citizens. They make everything better.

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