Top of The Pile: 14 Best Ice Cream Shops in San Francisco

Small batch, artisanal ice cream in SF is competing head to head for our taste buds and hearts against our urges to just buy processed, convenient ice cream at the local grocery store. Store bought is convenient, yes. But it doesn’t compare to hand made crafted ice cream in the shops that dot our city like it’s part of the Candyland game.

Recently tasted their way through 14 top fun ice cream shops in the city. Here’s their scoop, or part of it.

Bi-Rite Creamery at 3692 18th Street: considered by many to be the most popular IC shop in the city. Try the balsamic strawberry or the salted caramel—hand made, small batches, seasonal. You’ll probably have to wait in line, but well worth it.

Cream on 3106 16th Street: ice cream sandwich heaven with their motto that Cookies Rule Everything Around Me. Build the best IC sandwich you’ve ever imagined. Fine, exotic flavors of cookies and ice creams.

Humphrey Slocombe at 2790 Harrison Street: this is the laboratory of out-there ice cream flavors so you can get you ice cream freak on. Be sure to try the Secret Breakfast made from hand-cranked vanilla ice cream, corn flakes and Jim Beam bourbon. Also check out prosciutto, mushrooms, cheese, foie gras and other tantalizing concoctions.

For the full list and an interactive map that’s pretty sweet, go here.

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