Top SF Designers Give Holiday Decorating Tips They Personally Use

Well, we have the first recommendation from Scot Meacham Wood covered, as he says don’t set up the tree and bust out all the holiday decorations until after Thanksgiving. A lot of people get going with Christmas home decorating the day after Thanksgiving Day, meaning they’re doing Christmas décor while also going through Black Friday shopping fun.

Wood, this year, ended up doing his home holiday makeover early as he had a photo shoot for it. He went for the holiday hosting look by transforming one of his bedrooms into a formal dining room. He draped the room in 78 yards of marine blue silk taffeta stapled to the walls—with a box pleat motif and a red grosgrain ribbon adding a trim to the edges. Three Christmas trees occupy the room: one with ornaments and garlands, and the other two with subdued variations of four lights. White roses and cedar branches festoon the table.

Kendall Wilkinson took to decorating her studio/retail space windows for the SF holiday window shopping season, and it translates well into the home. She says she took her holiday color ideas from a recent Elle Décor Showhouse exhibit of her work. “The audience there really seemed to respond to the palette of chartreuse, dark ocean turquoise and violet,” she said, referring to the office she designed. “So I thought, ‘Why not spin that into a fun look for the holidays?’ ” She also teamed up those colors with boxwood garlands illuminated with violet lights. In her own home she says she sticks with white light, mixing them with glass bulb ornaments in the soft palette of white, crystal, silver and lavender.

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