Top Ten Public Elementary Schools in San Francisco, And Country

Quality of local education is certainly an important factor in determining a real estate purchase or rental. Certainly this is true in San Francisco—even though the number of families with children in the city is shrinking due to the high cost of buying a house that accommodates children. See our January 30th 2017 blog on reports that only 30% of 3-bedroom homes in SF are occupied by families.

For those with children in SF the educational opportunities are rich and varied. Public elementary schools are just as important as high schools in the education process, and there are over 60 schools for first to sixth graders here in San Francisco. Some are focused on art, and others utilize language immersion approaches.

Niche (ranking and review company) just released its annual ranking of the US’s best schools. Over 30 of SF’s public elementary schools made the list, receiving an A or A- in school grading. Grades are based on academic achievement, teacher availability, school resources, student quality of life and student body diversity.

Check out the top ten SF public elementary schools here at

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