Top Tips From Experts on Selling Your Home

Selling your home is nearly as big an undertaking as buying your home—yet rather than a lot of research and seeing/comparing you’re on the marketing end of things including psychology, timing and being a producer.

In the current cooler market of San Francisco which is waiting for the fall season for a heating up in home sales these tips from experts will be especially helpful.

Top Tips:

List During Peak Season: Perhaps a very good one for the summer season in San Francisco. The national prime peak season is April through June. And usually the summer months are a good time to list, but it may be helpful to wait a month or two.

The Price is Right: Nationally in 2016 home prices are forecast to rise 3%. And some local markets are expected to have more dramatic increases. The rule of thumb is always price to what the market’s asking, not too much above it. Pricing high may mean no sale at all, or that the house sits on the listing for a long time and that staleness is noticed by potential buyers, making it unattractive.

Incentivize: In 2015 37% of successful home sellers used financial incentives to sell their home. One expert advises, “If you’re a seller and you’re able to offer some money toward closing costs, you’re actually making it easier on that buyer, and they might be more willing to give you the full asking price.”

Photos Really Work: Experts say that photos are now a critical aspect of the marketing process. Having great photos (professionally shot) for online presentations (where most people see the home first) or email is the first impression and can make or break a potential buyer’s interest. Experts say the photo shoot is as important as the first open house. Photos should be high resolution, then optimized for web or mobile presentations.

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