Toughest Restaurants to Walk Into In San Francisco

It is something of a major perk to declare one has a reservation at a certain hot restaurant which is known to be impossible to get snag a reservation in. But then there are the restaurants where you have to wait 1.5-2 hours at the door (if you can get that, or be turned away) to get a table, and these eateries also reflect a food excellence reputation that is stratospherically hot in our city.

Recently, The Business Times and Yelp came together to determine which SF restaurants are literally the hardest to walk into. All the restaurants in this ten-toughest list do have Yelp reservation systems and you can book online, but many people bravely attempt the walk-in.

One interesting fact that came out of this research is that many of these toughest walk-in eateries are Mexican or Central American. Whereas, for the most expensive restaurants in the city revealed in earlier research, the mix was Asian and Asian fusion.

Here are some of the toughest restaurants to get into in the city:

Loló in the Mission

Topisueno in SoMa

Liholiho Yacht Club in Lower Nob Hill

DOSA on Fillmore at Lower Pac Heights

See the full article and slide show by clicking here.

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