Twelve for Twelve in San Francisco Real Estate Neighborhoods

Across the U.S. the average increase in housing pricing is about 7 percent from 2011 on to where we are now in May 2018. In San Francisco that appreciation rate is running 12 percent since 2011 and this is in 12 neighborhoods across SF.

And these aren’t the neighborhoods you’d round up as the usual suspects as being twelfers for house value appreciation. Paragon Real Estate recently came out with a report identifying the big twelve. And while these twelve outpace their sister areas in SF, overall the city is reaching new highs of value. The median for a home or condo price is now more than $1.6 million, which is a 23 percent year-over-year increase. Also setting new records is the average dollar per square foot cost.

The hottest areas in SF for home price appreciation are Visitacion Valley, the Outer Sunset, the Excelsior and the Outer Richmond on the southern and western edges of the city. And there are 8 more—see below for link.

Go here to check out the big twelve.

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