Two Helpful Podcasts From CA Assoc Realtors: Election Impact, Rates Outlook

A listening resource that I go to regularly is the podcasts coming out of the Housing Matter Podcasts site, an offshoot of the Center for California Real Estate (CCRE) dedicated to advancing real estate insights, ideas and knowledge. CCRE is part of the California Association of Realtors.

Two very topical podcasts have been put up five days ago and twenty five days ago respectively on the site (see below for link to click).

The older one (Episode 16) includes a discussion on uncertainties in the housing market, particularly in view of the incoming president-elect’s policies not being completely known now—with subjects such as infrastructure, tax cuts and global trade yet to be crystallized.

The newer podcast (Episode 17) takes a close look at the rate outlook and conforming loan limits.

Good listening if you have some minutes to catch them.

Click here to go to the Housing Matters Podcast site.

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