View From the Top of the World—in SF

Trivia fact: what is the tallest building in SF now? Well, it’s the Salesforce Tower, jutting up an impressive 61 stories (1,070 feet) from the corners of 1st, Mission and Fremont Streets. The tower’s roof is being put on now in a process contractors and architects whimsically call “topping off.” So, the views from the top have to be pretty panoramically awesome.

The tower is a whale of square feet, with 1.4 million square feet, with many big name companies leasing out blocks of the office space, including Salesforce which won the naming rights with its 714,000 square foot office lease deal. The tower will be next door to the upcoming Transbay Transit Center, and a new city park being developed with a grove of redwood trees—certainly apropos.

What do you see from the tippy top of the Salesforce Tower? Well…everything in the Bay Area, practically. A slide show that is a mix of building shots, people shots, and view shots has been produced on the site. Skip through the people shots, and relish the views from the pinnacle spot in the city.

Go to Salesforce Tower Slideshow.

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