Watching Cranes in San Francisco

Watching those lanky construction cranes is not a pastime practiced by many in the city (as opposed to bird watching for instance). But for real estate observers crane watching can be an informative barometer on the current state of new construction. And rather than drive around looking for cranes in the skyline, there’s now an interactive map—called Crane Watch—you can use, courtesy of the San Francisco Business Times.

There are now (as of July 21, 2016) over $50 billion worth of new building projects in the city—including residential units, office space, hotel rooms and retail space.

The information on the map (clickable popups) includes the project name, address, description, developer, contractor, architect, and if available the construction cost.

Crane Watch will be updated every 3 months with new projects added and finished projects removed.

Click to see SF Business Time's Interactive Map

Click to see SF Business Time’s Interactive Map

Source: SF Business Times

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