Watching Those Cranes in San Francisco

The origami silhouette of cranes towering up in our SF skyline always gives a good, immediate look at the current big real estate projects being constructed in our fair city. And if you’re typically driving around the city in one or two areas and can’t see all the crane work, let alone what they’re building, then the SF Business Times has published a new interactive map feature making crane watching that much more birds eye and informative. The information includes who is building the project, the developer, the cost, and the construction finish date.

The interactive feature shows icons each of the real estate projects from an overhead map point of view, and then when you click on it a nice label chock full of information on the project pops up.

The map includes not only the big tower projects, mega developments, transit construction and new housing.

Go to the SF Business Times Crane Watch Article & Map

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