What are the financial advantage of U.S. homeownership?

Of course there are financial benefits to owning a home in the U.S., but you may be wondering what exactly those are. Here are a few:

· Leverage: Investing in real estate can provide superior gains.

· Long-term, fixed-rate home loans: These substantially lock in monthly housing costs (as opposed to rent, which continues to rise) and can be refinanced when the opportunity arises. A low rate can make a huge difference in monthly housing costs.

· Multiple homeownership tax deductions: These include the mortgage interest deduction, which basically subsidizes monthly housing costs. Along with low interest rates and ongoing principal repayment of the loan, this makes net monthly homeownership comparable to and often less than the cost of renting the same home. Check our Rent vs. Buy Calculator.

· The huge capital-gains exclusion on the sale of a primary residence: This is to the tune of $250,000 for singles and $500,000 for couples. This rare investment allows you to walk away with large, untaxed profits.

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