What do I need to know about induction stoves?

You may be wondering about the basics of induction cooking. Also known as magnetic stoves, induction stoves come with their own set of rules and regulations. This article offers some of the basics of this type of appliance, highlighting both pluses and minuses.

You’ll also find a primer on the basics of induction cooking here. In essence, induction cooking heats a cooking vessel with induction heating rather than transferring heat from electrical coils or a gas flame the way a traditional stove does. Here a coil of copper wire is placed beneath the cooking pot, allowing an alternating electric current to flow through the coil. This in turn produces an oscillating magnetic field which creates an electric current in the pot.

Induction cooking is considered a more energy-efficient, faster alternative to a traditional cooking surface. Since only the pot is heated, it takes less time to get the job done. Here’s another site that explains the process.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to use glass pots, and that there is a learning curve to cooking with induction stoves. However, there are also great advantages.

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