What Does Comprehensive Marketing Mean For Your Home Sale?

In order to expediently sell your home for the best price possible, we at Compass must launch a comprehensive marketing campaign in order to show your property in its best possible light. But what does this mean? Let’s break down some of the components.

Your agent will:

  • Study market conditions, figure out the type of buyer who is likely to pay the highest price and position your home accordingly. Targeting buyers correctly is one of the main ways that a savvy agent will get your property sold quickly and for the best price.
  • Price your property correctly from the start and prepare to show it at its very best. This could add substantial value to the property price since buyers want to invest in a well-kept and good-looking home.
  • Retain a professional real estate photographer to take pictures of the home. Visuals are crucial at this and just about every other step of the game.
  • Thoroughly market to other brokers to grab their attention and attract them to showings. Connecting with other brokers is another essential way to bring potential buyers in the door.
  • Create a dedicated property showcase on a website or webpage complete with photos, descriptions, maps, neighborhood information and floor plan as well as interactive features. These days, many if not most buyers are doing the majority of their research online.
  • Advertise online in a comprehensive way along with a beautifully designed print campaign.
  • Coordinate broker tours, open houses and private showings.


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