What neighborhoods see the most crap?

There’s no real way to put it delicately: there’s a lot of poop on San Francisco’s streets. The San Francisco Chronicle recently elaborated on a map done by the folks over at HotPads that, quite simply, evaluates the “poopiest” neighborhoods in the city – areas that also seem to feature rising rents and home prices.

The HotPads peeps call it “Human Wasteland”, a “map visualization of the locations throughout San Francisco where human excrement has been ‘dumped’.” This was charted by using reports made to 311 in San Francisco from DataSF, mapping 4,000 data points from January to June 2013.

So here’s what we all want to know: where is it?

Well, it won’t surprise you to know that a prime suspect is the Tenderloin. The Chron notes that though the ‘Loin is number one in terms of poop, it also features homes such as the one on O’Farrell that’s going for nearly $4 million, with homeowner’s dues of slightly less than $4,300. It’s also been on the market for nearly a year, though, so that might also tell you something.

Next up is the Mission District – specifically, the 16th Street BART Station. That said, who can argue that prices have been skyrocketing in this area? Witness the many high-rent condos that have been rising as of late. We can only hope that the future residents can live with the idea of poop in their vicinity.

Finally, the third most pooped-upon neighborhood is South of Market, which is also seeing dramatic increases in value due to (as the Chron notes) UC Mission Bay, new construction and the city’s tech boom.

Gross, or just urban life? I want to know your opinion.

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