What should I know about my bathroom remodel?

If you’re remodeling your bathroom, it pays to do your due diligence before picking up that hammer and nails. Houzz has a set of recommendations for considerations before you do that remodel.

First off, Houzz suggests designing from the fixtures and finishes backward to the floor and walls. Understanding what goes on behind the walls and under the floors will also make the overall design work efficiently.

Know what’s going on under your tile, especially if you have subway wall tile and small black-and-white floor tiles. These are possible indicators of an older home, which is more likely to need under-tile repair.

Consider your plumbing, especially the fixtures and other things that are connected to them as you lay out the framing, electrical and plumbing. You can leave plumbing supply lines exposed for a more industrial look or hide them for a more modern look.

Keep privacy in mind. Toilet rooms can be very helpful in this regard and allow two people to use the master bath at the same time.

Need more tips? Visit Houzz.

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