What To Do With Unsightly Trash Bins

Trash cans or bins are an unpleasant, often jarring, reminder in a home that we produce a lot of waste as part of our lives. Having a plastic or metal receptacle sitting in your kitchen or laundry room or even outside doesn’t add to the aesthetics and charm of the room. It’s a clunker.

Here are some fairly-easy-to-do tips from Good Housekeeping on how to tuck away trash bins so they’re outta sight.

1.) Tilt out cabinets of wood (containing the trash container) offer country charm to a kitchen or utility space.

2.) Put the trash can under an open cabinet space and hang a fun curtain in front o it.

3.) Turn an attractive dresser into a pullout receptacle for the trash can.

4.) Dedicate a floor level cabinet to the trash bin, creating a handy slide out for placing trash into the can.

5.) Larger capacity wicker baskets are perfect for tucking trash bins into.

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