What you should know about glass patio doors

A door is just a door – or is it? In the case of your home décor, it could be a great deal more than that. There are so many choices – hinged or sliding? Telescoping or folding? – that, according to Houzz, you might want to take a second look at your options for this piece of your home puzzle.

First let’s start with the classic: the in-swing French door is often used as an elegant option to connect inside with out. Keep in mind that since it’s hinged and it swings, it’ll take up floor space, so you’ll have to budget for that when it comes to placing your furniture and figuring out the function of the room. In addition, in-swing French doors have limited width and are usually no wider than six feet.

Another option is the out-swing French door, which is a variant on the above. These are better suited to homes that don’t need screening, or where the door leads out to a screened porch. In addition, their hardware should be strong enough to keep them from slamming. Houzz warns that whether you opt for an in-swing or an out-swing, you should consider the threshold, which may interfere with the door swinging.

Know that cost will also swing, depending on many factors such as hardware, finishing and materials. Budget at least a minimum of $1,000, but expect it to run higher.

Need more suggestions? Check out the Houzz article.

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