When staging, use vignettes to add value

These wise words about creating vignettes when staging a home come from Linda Betencourt of Center Stage in San Francisco.

Stopping short of fake food and breakfast-in-bed trays, a few well-placed accessories can really give buyers the idea of how to use and enjoy a space.

This wonderful free standing tub gets a bit of romance with an etagere of rolled towels, candles and fuzzy slippers at the ready. With the prospect of a relaxing soak, the brass hand shower and ceramic tile floor almost disappear.

Remember to keep it current and uncluttered. Black and white photos on the walls give a nice contrast without distracting, white towels are always crisp visually, and silver accents add a much needed sparkle at the corner.

The best vignettes are smart, sophisticated and suggestive, with accessories used to evoke a universal emotions. Others reflect the style of the home. A hipster loft will have a martini shaker and glasses set on a glass table top. A Victorian closet might have a few choice designer dresses stunningly hung on padded silk hangers.

The objects used in vignettes usually have pleasing shapes and neutral colors. Leather bound books on end tables are a popular item, along with lovely bars of soap in the guest bath, a small carafe and glass at bedside, and an artfully tossed throw on the sofa.

Splashes of color generally come from things like oranges or apples stacked in a glass bowl. I’ve also seen creative uses of food packaging to add color spots. Three big green bottles of Perrier brighten a white kitchen counter of a home for sale on 21st Street in Eureka Valley. I’ve even saw a small pyramid of Campbell’s tomato soup cans in a pantry flanked by bright blue boxes of DeCecco Pasta in a condo! Go creative or go home.

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