Where Are The Worst Neighborhoods for Car Break-Ins in SF

Well, the worst neighborhood location for car break-ins is definitely not Pacific Heights. Or any other of the well heeled neighborhoods of San Francisco. Nor any of the southern outlying areas of the city. Maybe you guessed the Tenderloin as a matter of oh-well-that-fits. And you’d be right on that one. Despite the Tenderloin’s upcoming gentrification over the past few years, it is a top place for having your car broken into – according to an analysis from SpotAngels, a parking app company.

Joining the Tenderloin for this be-careful distinction are the Downtown and Civic Center areas. How did SpotAngels arrive at these three as the places to have a care? They merged public safety data based on criminal activity with their own proprietary info on parking spaces in particular neighborhoods. Out of this came a 2016-dated ratio of break-ins to parking spots in SF.

They created a helpful map (see link below) that shows in color shades and a handy sliding scale the most broken-in neighborhoods for cars. Downtown, Civic Center and the Tenderloin topped the ratio measure with 0.35 break-ins per number of parking spots. A tad ways behind are North Beach/Telegraph Hill and Golden Gate Park with 0.29 and 0.28 break-ins per spots respectively.

Total break-ins were led by Soma, South Beach, and Mission Bay, with a total of 5,261 for the 2016 year.

Click here for the full article and map.

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