Where can I get 62K square feet?

In case you were wondering, the largest house on the U.S. market isn’t terribly near here. In fact, it’s clear across the country in Alabama. (Though SF Curbed, which brought us this story, didn’t give the exact town.)

For a cool $13.9 million, you can get a 62,000-square-foot “Versailles-style” manse complete with an equestrian lounge, two guest houses, a 25-seat theater and landscaping that looks like a guitar. Yep, you read that right.

Here’s the breakdown of the estate: It consists of a 54,400-square-foot main house as well as the equestrian lounge and guest homes, which brings it to the 62,000-square-foot figure. Built in 1997, the home also has an expansive entryway that gives way to square foot after square foot of eye-popping living space.

And for your reading pleasure, a list (as of late January) of the largest U.S. homes on the market. Enjoy!

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