Where have all the Sellers (and Buyers) Gone?

Where have all the Sellers (and Buyers) Gone?

The chart below is an attempt to identify what counties nationwide have the highest number of residents migrating to and from the Bay Area. It was created using the US Census Flows Mapper. The numbers derive from 2012-2016 census estimates and should be considered approximate with possibly large margins of error… a couple of figures that look really wacky.

I’m loving charts like this, they’re a nice breather from charts about pricing and selling trends. I also like how they can scratch the surface of understanding why people move in and out of the City or across the Bay.

But some of these numbers leave me with questions: Why are so many people moving back and forth between Contra Costa and Alameda? Who are all these people who came here from San Diego?  I’ve highlighted patterns that puzzle me and would love opinions/feedback from some of My Favorite People that might explain them.

This chart tells me where our Buyers and Sellers come from and go to by county. Two of the counties are out of state. Cook’s county seat is Chicago.


The San Diego influx puzzles me a bit. I don’t meet many buyers moving here from there, although it may be the bulk of this population is younger renters.

The volume of New Yorkers coming into San Francisco also doesn’t feel right. I definitely meet people at Open Houses who are relocating from there, but more of my own clients move TO New York than FROM. But maybe that’s just how I roll…

The outflow from SF to Alameda County doesn’t surprise me. Three of my last ten Sellers moved to Berkeley or Oakland to start families. Another three moved out of state (one for cost of living; two were retiring). The rest were divided between San Mateo, Marin, Sonoma and LA.

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