Which neighborhood best suits your financial picture?

Think about how much you’re looking to spend on a home. This is going to dictate the types of neighborhoods you’ll be able to seriously investigate. However, it doesn’t as much dictate this when it comes to condos and TICs, other than sales in the luxury segment, since generally speaking, in neighborhoods with wide numbers of condo and TIC sales, there are more plentiful buying options.

Of the approximately 2635 house sales in the past year, about half sold for less than $1 million; most of these were in neighborhoods forming a large L shape down the west side of the city from the west side of the city, down the Outer Richmond to the border with Daly City, and then sweeping east across the southern side to Bayview and Hunter’s Point.

In these neighborhoods, homes began their market recovery a step or two behind more expensive areas in the city, but now they are red-hot and very competitive.

The chart accompanying this article depicts where to buy in San Francisco for $750,000 or less. Tomorrow we’ll discuss more expensive properties.

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