Who Do You Call For Organizing Over the Holidays and Whenever?

While my assistant was hobnobbing with a group of fellow agents recently, there was a lot of talk (and furrowed forehead concern) on organizing—specifically who to go to for organizing services over the upcoming holidays and New Years. And, well, anytime some place needs cosmos, meaning “order.”

Organizing is not an easy peasy task. Nor can it be left up to a nephew or whomever. It demands smarts, skill, experience, imagination and will power. So, with this in mind the local crowd of real estate agents that my assistant was talking with came up with a firm they like to go to when the organizing trek gets tough: girlfriendshelp.com.

Girlfriends Help is actually two girlfriends who founded the company in 2006 after an epiphany that moms, families and businesses needed transcendent organizing power. Elissa Misner and Jody Driscoll with 20 years experience living in SF built the company up with staff and services so that now they tout not only organizing, but relocation and moving and personal assisting.

If you’ve got wrapping and mailing to do for the Holiday times coming right up, or help in staging a killer party on New Years Eve, perhaps Girlfriends is your girl Friday.

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