Why Do All the New SF Condo/Mixed Use Buildings Look the Same?

If you’re keeping an eye out on new real estate developments around town you can’t help but notice that many of the lower story ones look very alike. Like twins, triplets and quadruplets. They all have shimmering windows set into strongly rectangular facades, with very geometric lines marching upward. To many critics (both private and speaking out in public) they’re “appallingly ugly,” “spectacularly uninspired,” and as well, “newly constructed monstrosities.” So reports hooline.com in a new article on real estate dullness in SF among these smaller buildings.

What is often the case, as the article points out, is that these new buildings are totally out of character with the neighborhood they’re set in. Often these neighborhoods are sprinkled with Victorian style home. The article points out that the charm and spaciousness of Victorians was lost on developers in the 1950’s through 1970s and many were torn down and carted away, making way for hotels and large residential projects. In 1971 that trend was curbed by the SF planners and conservation groups. Victorians are now beloved. But why are they not being built? The article explores how it’s too little space, too many people and there’s a housing crisis going on.

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