Why People Pay So Much to Live Here

In spite of having less square footage, smaller lots, and homes that even touch each other (I can’t tell you how many newcomers are surprised by that), San Francisco continues to be a HOT real estate market.

Fortunately, more and more people not only make do but even thrive in smaller homes. I recently sold a Richmond District apartment building with 900-square foot units. A family of three plans to live in one of them, while their parents will live another. I also often meet with young couples who are quite content with their 600-square-foot rental in Cow Hollow or the Mission but are ready to expand both their financial and physical horizons.

I think some of our ease with smaller spaces comes from what lies right outside our front door. San Francisco is a very expensive place to live, but our streetscapes, parks and views are like an abundant collection of exquisite art. Even I still walk (or drive) around slack-jawed, and it’s been thirty years. The Bridges! The Victorians! The murals! The shorelines and Cypress! You get it all for free each day. So grab a burrito and head out to the water. Then you’ll understand.

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