Win the Ugliest Dog Contest Up in Petaluma This Saturday

Hey you with the ugliest dog in San Francisco, and you know who you are. Your dog is toothless or hairless or has a shockingly scrunched up face that you love to death, or hanging skin and a corkscrew tail. Or all the above. Here’s your chance to shine. Now, SF does not have its own ugliest dog beauty contest, but there is the world famous World’s Ugliest Dog Contest just 20 minutes north in Petaluma. And it’s this Saturday, so get your pooch all spruced up, or not. Bring him or her as they are – the uglier the better.

The venue is the Sonoma/Marin County fair, and the Ugliest Dog contest will be held at 6pm on Saturday, June 23rd. If you watch this yearly, lovable contest you’ll know that there are some really ugly dogs that take the trophy home. Many winners are the hairless, shrimpy, crooked-teeth dog kind. But last year’s winner was Martha, a 125-pound Neopolitan Mastiff with shockingly droopy skin. Oh, so cute. The crowd loved her, and so did the judges. So, she won $1,500 and the trophy and worldwide fame as this contest is doggedly covered by all the major news media outlets.

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