Windows Update (Not Microsoft) For Your Home

When you’re selling a home, or looking at buying a home you need to look hard at the windows. Windows and window framing undergo a lot of stress and wear and tear in a home. They do need replacing once in a while. And if you want a buyer to love your home they’re going to have to love your windows.

When is it time to replace windows on the world? Here are telltale ways.

Obviously if they’re broken, or warped or in any sense damaged (or if the frame is) you’re looking at replacement. In some cases they may not need replacing but can be repaired. Hardware can be replaced or spruced up and weather stripping can be replaced. Are they fogging up? Are they drafty? Stick when opening or closing? All signs that replacing them is a necessity.

Reducing your energy bill is an important window related objective. Though windows contribute to winter heating via sunlight, drafty windows (leaks around the window or cold through the window) can raise energy bills by 10 – 25%. Replacing these bill-increasing windows with bill-reducing windows not only saves money but is a big selling point for home sellers.

Time for a makeover is one of most compelling reasons to replace home windows. Windows stand out in the environmental space of a home, and if they’re worn or outdated or don’t fit into the current interior décor it’s probably a good time to makeover the windows. Windows are a part of the design process, and greatly contribute to the overall mood and airflow of each room.

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