Women Are Better Tippers Than Men, Even With Subpar Service

We in San Francisco are good tippers, even very good tippers at our ginormous array of restaurants. We often plunk down 20% or near that. We appreciate good, attentive service and the hard work of servers. Discover, the credit card company, recently did a study on tipping and discovered that women are slightly more generous than men in tipping in restaurants, even when the service is off or even awful. The exceptions are when the server flirted with the diner or were physically attracted to the server, then men tip more. Go figure that one.    

But in all other cases of say, receiving perfect service or some kind of mishap occurred or a recommendation went south, or rudeness came with the meal, then women give more than men.

On average across the country, Americans give 20% for perfect service, and for very flawed service the tip can go as far down as 6%.

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